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We offer a wide range of shelving and storage solutions that will help maximise your space.

Whether you need storage for smaller, lightweight items or heavy duty pallet racking, Chadwick & Walter can help you find the perfect solution. Choose a storage solution from our range of:

  • Steel shelving

  • Small parts storage

  • Steel shelving

  • Sack trucks

Shelving Solutions

Steel Shelving

British Standard Steel Shelving is one of the most popular shelving solutions due to its reliability, strength, versatility and cost effectiveness.


You can choose from:

  • 8 height options

  • 6 shelf depth options

  • 5 shelf width options

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Organise your business with our storage solutions

Suitable for small parts these storage systems are versatile and come in a range of sizes and colours.

Delta edge shelving

A versatile shelving system ideally suited to commercial, archival or light industrial uses.

It is designed for lightweight items and suitable for display as it is more practical and better looking whilst remaining low cost.


You can choose from:

  • 3 height options

  • 4 shelf depth options

  • 3 shelf width options


Speedframe storage offers you flexibility allowing you to make your own benches, trolleys, test rigs, jigs, racks, screens and showcases exactly to your requirements.


The one piece metal joints with plastic inserts guarantee strong rigid frameworks and sturdy construction whilst being easy to assemble with minimum effort.

Small parts storage

A well ordered and very high storage facility