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A large factory area with a mazzanine floor

Mezzanine floors are versatile and at Chadwick & Walter we can offer an option that will suit your needs.


Mezzanines offer you a lot of versatility and allow you to expand on your current floor space. Whether you require a mezzanine floor for food preparation, increased office space or storage, we have a solution that will increase your floor space in a cost effective way.


As our mezzanine floors are free standing and easily installed, you will be guaranteed minimum disruption to your business.

Mezzanine floors

From design to installation

With our vast experience you can trust us to design, manufacture, supply and install your mezzanine floors to suit your site requirements. Additional fixtures such as handrails, stairways, decking and landings will be tailored dependent on the use of your mezzanine floor.


You will benefit from our full service, extensive knowledge of building regulations and will walk you through every stage of the process:


  • Initial consultation

  • Survey

  • Production plans

  • Comprehensive structural calculations

  • Building control applications

  • On-site installation

  • Specialist finishes

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Move to higher ground with mezzanine floors

Mezzanine flooring within a factory area

We offer pallet safety gates to go with mezzanine floors